C# with Unity

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C# with Unity

About Course

in this course, we will learn Basic C# with unity.
to can write a command for GameObject in unity.


1- Variable and Datatype. 
2- Type Casting. 
3- Operators and Math. 
4- Conditional statement. 
5-Loop Statement.
6- Array

Course content

videoHow to work with variables in the Unity game engine.
videoC# with Unity - Operators
videoC# with Unity - Conditional Statements.
videoC# with Unity - Switch Statements
videoC# with Unity - For Loops.
videoC# with Unity - While & Do While Loops
videoC# with Unity - Methods
videoOrder of Execution for event functions

Check your knowledge by passing the final quiz.


C# with unity Quiz

Gaming Lab Jordan

Gaming Lab Jordan

Course Instructor

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