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The Jordan Gaming Lab supports the digital games industry in Jordan to increase awareness of the importance of the digital games industry among the young generation, it also aims to assist youngsters in developing their ideas, teach them the basics of designing and how to produce digital games, in addition to, connecting young Jordanians who are interested in this field with the leading international companies.
The Vision

The Jordan Gaming Lab is an initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein in 2011, launched by KAFD. The lab was specially designed to meet the needs of developers and companies in designing and programming digital games, to serve as an incubator for them and their projects, and to develop the minds of creative young Jordanians. The lab also seeks to provide them with opportunities to develop and enhance their ideas and turn them into reality. In addition, support and elevate the digital gaming industry which is considered one of the promising and rapidly growing industries in Jordan.

The Jordan Gaming Lab played a key role in increasing cooperation between academic bodies and game maker companies with the aim of developing this promising industry in Jordan. In order to give members the opportunity to build a bright career and create job opportunities through initiatives and competitions for gaming programming with support from specialized bodies and companies whether from the public or the private sector or even international gaming companies. For which, Sony chose the Jordan Gaming Lab to become the first academy in the region, and the second in the world specialized in teaching games programming and development on Sony systems.

The Jordan Gaming Lab seeks to achieve a number of objectives:
Raise awareness in the community about the importance of the digital gaming industry in Jordan.
Promote Jordan as a regional center for digital games.
Build the capabilities of young Jordanians and provide them with essential technical skills to develop digital games globally.
Develop the level of education in Jordan with the aim of creating distinct human resources in the field of technology and game development.
Create a nurturing environment for digital game developers in Jordan and involve all Jordanian game developers and companies in developing this important sector.
Insert your texApplicant must be more than (9) years old.
Applicant must show interest in the digital games industry

Services provided by the Jordan Gaming Lab:

- Facilities, modern hardware, and software in the lab.
- Training courses and workshops for the new member.
- Follow-up of the participant’s progress, their games and projects.
- Connect participants with local and international companies.
- Establishing seven labs equipped with the latest technologies in the capital, Irbid, Aqaba, Maan (Hussein Bin Talal University),Zarqa, Karak (Creativity Club and Mu'tah University),in addition to the mobile lab.
- From different ages, more than (10,000) Participant joined as members in the Gaming Lab.
- More than (26,183) opportunity were provided from various activities and training courses organized by the Gaming Lab for the beneficiaries.
- More than (2,261) training course and activity were held in the Gaming Industry Field.
- Cooperation and partnership with more than (17) local and international companies specialized in the digital games industry.
Organize the digital games industry summit since 2011; annually.
- Host the Global Conference for the digital games industry, Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan, organized by Steel Media International.

Contact Us

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Address: Yarmouk University, Al-Khwarizmi Building - Irbid
phone number: +962 799293546
Address: King Hussein Business Park - Amman, Jordan
phone number: +962 799293605
Address: Zarka chamber of induster - Zarqa, Jordan
Phone number: +962 799293605
Address: Karak - Mutah University - College of Business building - second floor.
Phone number: +962 797153573
Address: Ma'an - Al-Hussein Bin Talal University
Phon number: +962 791125792
Address: Al-Mahdood - Al-Madaen Markets Complex
Phone number: +962 0799293563
Address: Karak - Al-Marj - Rabieh - Creativity Club Building
Phone number: +962 797150791
Address: Ma'an-King Hussein Bin Talal University
Phone number: +962 0791125792