Tutorial: physical components

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Duration 7 m 42 s

Tutorial: physical components

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In this tutorial, we will explore the 2Dphysical components in the Unity engine



  1. Surface effector and platform Effector 2D
  2. Rigidbody 2D
  3. spring joint 2D
  4. Area Effector 2D
  5. Distance joint 2D
  6. Point Effector 2D
  7. Physics Material 2D

Course content

videoSurface effector and platform Eeffector 2D
videoHing Joint 2D component
videoSpring joint 2D Components
videoArea Effector 2D Components
videoDistance joint 2D Components
videoPoint Effector 2D Components7 m 42 s
videoPhysics Material 2D Components
Gaming Lab Jordan

Gaming Lab Jordan

Course Instructor

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