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Jordan Gaming Lab 


The Jordan Gaming Lab is a game-changer in the world of mobile gaming in Jordan. It presents an unparalleled opportunity for individuals and startups to tap into the thriving industry and create limitless possibilities. Our comprehensive curriculum covers game design, coding, art, animation, and business, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their expertise, have access to the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Our esteemed instructors are industry veterans with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the gaming industry. They provide hands-on training and guidance, empowering individuals to hone their skills and unleash their creativity to bring their game ideas to life.

At The Jordan Gaming Lab, we equip participants with cutting-edge tools and technologies, enabling them to develop and grow their game development businesses. Our diverse curriculum also covers the essential business aspects of the industry, including marketing, finance, game monetization, and legal considerations. We offer an unparalleled teaching approach that gives individuals the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the gaming industry.

Whether a newcomer or an experienced game designer, The Jordan Gaming Lab offers the resources and support you need to soar. Our lab is a supportive and collaborative learning environment where individuals can network with like-minded peers and receive project feedback. Our instructors are always at the ready, answering questions and offering guidance, ensuring individuals receive the personalized attention they have to reach their full potential.

Join us at The Jordan Gaming Lab and discover the limitless possibilities of the mobile gaming industry. With our comprehensive curriculum, cutting-edge tools and technologies, and unparalleled teaching approach, you have everything you have to succeed. Don't wait – let's bring your game ideas to life

The Jordan Gaming Lab is now operating in six cities across Jordan, making it easier for aspiring game developers to access our comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors. Additionally, we have introduced a mobile lab housed inside a minibus that can travel to even the most remote locations, enabling us to bring the future of game development to everyone.

At the Jordan Gaming Lab, we are proud to be backed by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and expertly managed by our technical partner, Maysalward—a leading mobile game studio and the first in the MENA region. This powerful combination of support and expertise allows us to bring cutting-edge game development education to the masses and fulfill our mission of empowering aspiring game developers to bring their visions to life. With this level of support, we can provide the resources, training, and guidance needed to help individuals reach their full potential in the gaming industry.

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